Visit Belgrade and beautify your smile in a fast, painless and affordable manner.

Save up to 70% on dental services by coming to Belgrade.

Today, Serbia is a very attractive destination for medical tourism. With high quality dental services and affordable prices, Serbia is recognised as a desirable destination for professional and specialised dental treatments, especially for implanting services (placement of implants).

You can obtain all necessary examinations and treatments at affordable prices, in a relaxed atmosphere, outside your country of residence. We perform all dental and orthodontic treatments presented on our web sites with the most contemporary methods. The C Orthopan Dental Centre is a private and specialised dental and implanting centre with long years of experience and highly educated dentists. By constant education and implementation of the latest technologies we have become the leading provider of all dental services, implantology, and cosmetic dentistry in Serbia.

If you decide to use our services, you will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of all prosthesis or orthodontic works since a dental and prosthesis laboratory that possesses the VITA Masterlab Quality Certificate is the constituent part of the C Dental Centre. The time spent away from your duties is thus reduced to a minimum, which also adds up to your cost savings.

We offer a DENTAL TOURIST PACKAGE – ONE-STOP-SHOP, which includes professional dental treatment at special prices. Besides, we will enable your sightseeing and visiting of the attractions of the City of Belgrade with a tour of the best shopping malls.

Our dental tourist package includes:

  • Free advice
The first step is giving free, professional, and complete evaluation of your dental status and proposing the best solution, depending on your needs and problems.

  • Specifying the treatment

After consultation, we will decide how long the treatment will last, as well as decide on the date and time of your visit to the dental centre, which will be adjusted to your personal schedule and activities. You will be given the best possible offer.

  • Travelling, accommodation, and transport services

Whether you are coming from Serbia or travelling from abroad, our services include organisation of accommodation in the Lazar Lux Apartments or the M Hotel, or in one of our apartments, along with free transport from the airport or the hotel to our dental centre.

  • Enjoying a holiday in Belgrade

A city of the future, South Europe’s Belgrade will provide you with a very enjoyable experience during your stay. Relax your body and mind in beautiful and attractive places offered by one of the oldest cities in Europe.

  • Return home with a happy smile

Return home healthier and happier with your new smile. We will provide you with a guarantee for our work, and take care of you after the treatment with a recommendation of regular annual check-ups.

Besides large savings in using our dental services, there are many reasons for visiting Belgrade
All tourist information about Belgrade can be found on the site of the Tourist Organisation of Belgrade on
If you have any additional questions and concerns, we will be glad to help you and give you advice or recommendations.

Choose accommodation near the C Dental Centre, and use your stay in Belgrade to visit the historical monuments and attractive locations and to rest, relax, and even enjoy the night life.

You can schedule our services directly by calling the phone numbers: +381 63 802 69 07 i +381 69 130 130 1 or sending a query by e-mail:

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