We are the only dental and prosthetic centre that issues a guarantee for its work in the form of a written official guarantee certificate!

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The result of our success, which makes us recognisable in Serbia and abroad, is a long-time quality work; from the use of the highest quality German materials in our treatments, our digital dental laboratory with the most advanced dental equipment, and certainly our professional and friendly staff.
The C Dental Centre gives guarantee to all its patients for all work done.
The guarantee refers to implants, fixed prosthodontics (ceramic crowns on metallic, titanium, or zirconium structures), implant crowns and implants as carriers of dentures, with complete change of one or more damaged elements free of charge.
To be sure that years will pass without any problems for you, we recommend annual check-ups:

  • For implants 2x a year
  • For crowns and bridges 1x a year

and certainly, tooth cleaning and polishing once a year, or more often as required.


“We really had a good time in Belgrade – no regrets!! I went to the dentist yesterday for a check up and I told him what I had done in Belgrade. He was very impressed by the work done.”
Angela from Toronto
“I was very satisfied with the standard of care that we received. It was perfect and the team was very trustworthy and made us feel like we were in good hands. We are very grateful for all your work in getting it together.”
Johan from North Carolina
“I had several crowns replaced and was very happy with the final result! The team were very professional. I would recommend the practice to my friends and family.”
Mark from England


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